I have decided to update this a little :)

The picture is of my husband Nic, son Gabe and me (36, 8 and 32 since so many of you have inquired!)  My husband has served in the Army for nearly 15 years, with 13 of those being fulltime.  He has had multiple deployments including one with a ranger unit while in Iraq.  He now works for the JAG and hopes to some day do high speed combat filming with his drone in many areas of our world for the US military news.  My son Gabe loves youtube and videos.  I'm hoping sports kick in soon though lol!  He has a big heart and very creative mind.  He thinks the world of his dad and the military.  And me, well I enjoy a lot of things.  Obviously crafting, but I also love to cook (and eat), movies and nature.  We have a 40 acre ranch and I raise goats.  They seem to bring me peace and happiness in some odd grass eating, always pooping way...lol.  Yes I am an odd one ;)

I always strive to represent each product as honestly as possible.  I hand pick quality items.  I sample all my designs before ordering in bulk.  While the vast majority I personally design, please know I also get some designs from my manufacturer to add to my stock as well as others I have subscription licensing to use & adapt artwork for my own use. 

I do my best to reply to emails and ship all orders out as quickly as possible!  While I have helpers (whom I could not do this without) this is pretty much a one woman show.  I am busier then I could have ever hoped and count my blessings daily.  I know my site is sub-par compared to many but I am a very laid back, easy going person.  One day I hope to have beautiful pictures of each item posted without my hand holding the item as well as user friendly options to help navigate the site better for you all.  But with how busy things are I try my very best to list, ship, stock, run my actual store, be a mom, place orders, design, review inventory, be a wife, attempt to clean my home, take care of the farm, sample all items, teach classes and try to retain my sanity.  I know I could employ more help, but the 2 most important things to me are quality and price.  If I give away responsibilities and hire help both these things could change. 

I have gotten to know many of you at a personal level and from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  My families life has been forever changed.  When I started this I had never hoped to be where I am now and certainly not in such short time.  I plan to keep on keeping on!  Thank you for your kindness and support, it can not be said enough!  - Gina