We are a small USA based business in Michigan.  Gina Marie Designs makes many products in the USA when possible.  We do use lead manufacturers around the world to make some products as well.  The money we save by finding the best priced manufacturers is passed onto our buyers with our fair pricing.  We do not skimp on quality when making our products.  Quality AND price are very important to our company and brand.  We design many of our products as well as purchase designs that interest us.


Email -

Phone - This can be found on our die packaging, or the invoice you have received.  We will not be posting our number here with how much trouble it has caused in the past.  Please email if you are not a current customer and need help.


We do not typically allow returns unless cleared with us first.  Approved returns are generally handled as merchandise credit to avoid restocking fees. We want to make our customers happy but we will need to judge each situation individually.  Our profit margin is very low compared to other companies so we must make sure issues are resolved in a proper manner for both parties involved.  The odds of a die being bad is EXTREMELY unlikely.  We have had 3 bad dies out of the last 200,000 we have manufactured (all 3 had a laser skip on the die).  There are many ways to use a die differently to help produce a better cut if you are having troubles.  Shimming, spot shimming, facing the die blades up, the type of your paper, slightly angling your die, running it through twice are a few ways that can help you get a better cut.  We do care about you being able to properly use your dies!  Let us know about issues.  We will email, send photos and even videos to help!  All claims of defective dies are subject to inspection by our company, upon approval to return we will inspect and test them.  We thank you for your understanding in this matter.  This helps keep our prices low!


We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please allow a few days for a response.  Also please know that we participate in many charity events locally and several times a week we are asked via email to donate.  Thank you for the interest in our company but we are only able to donate a certain amount each year (to legally write off) and we are not currently taking on any new programs or events.  Thank you for your understanding and kindness in this matter.


Thank you!  Thank you for your support and kindness.  Thank you for choosing our store and products for your creations.  The last year has been life changing for my family.  I am very grateful.  I hope to continue and make many new products of unique styles, great quality and super prices!



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