BURST BKGD DIE - Gina Marie Designs

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- Cutting background plate>. THIS CUTS THE PATTERN INTO THE PAPER. Measures 4.25x5.5.  Please refer to the picture with 4 cuts.  

- PLEASE NOTE : Cutting background should be ran BLADES up and ran through at a small angle for even pressure. You may need to play around with your machines sandwich to get the perfect cut.  Some machines depending on calibration may require these detailed background DIES to be ran through more then once or with a shim. Other machines if calibrated tighter my whipple the paper so you will need to adjust your sandwich to not have so much pressure.

Please note as the second photo shows there is no cutting edge. We do that so you have very nice cut patterns on you paper. Having the cutting edge sometimes prevents the outer most lines to cut easily. It is very easy to trim the pattern down to your desired card size. 



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