TREE FRAME DIE - Gina Marie Designs

TREE FRAME DIE - Gina Marie Designs

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4.25x5.5 size OR A2

PLEASE NOTE!  This die is detailed and may need a tad more effort then a simple die.  I find it cuts best face up, you also need to feed it in your machine at an angle and not straight in.  This helps it have even pressure.  Pass it through back and forth.  Every machine cuts differently.  Also our plates and the types of paper we use can effect how it cuts!  If you find a few spots in the tree branch area are not fully cutting do not shim the whole die (paper shim).  Simply cut a small piece of paper out and put it only where the problem spot is.  These methods should help produce a perfect cut!  We have sold thousands of this die and have not had a bad one yet.  It just takes a little time to figure out how your machine cuts detailed dies best if you are having any issues.



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